SQL SERVER – Finding User Who Dropped Database Table

Though I mainly focus on SQL Server Performance Tuning as my primary consulting engagement, there are moments when I am asked questions from my regular clients which are not related to SQL Server Performance and they still expect me to answer. I think it is totally fair, no one wants to go to find a new consultant for some simple questions. Recently my customer wanted to know who dropped the database table from their primary database.

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SQL SERVER – CLONEDATABASE: Generate Statistics and Schema Only Copy of the Database

I have been writing about how some of the interesting enhancements made with SQL Server 2016 SP1 have caught my attention. This one is a killer feature that can be of great value when you are trying to do testing. Having said that, I also want to call out that this feature has been added with SQL Server 2014 SP2 too. When you get into performance problems related to the query optimizer, then this capability will be of great advantage. In this blog post we will learn about Generate Statistics and Schema Only Copy of the Database.

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