SQL SERVER – Finding User Who Dropped Database Table

Though I mainly focus on SQL Server Performance Tuning as my primary consulting engagement, there are moments when I am asked questions from my regular clients which are not related to SQL Server Performance and they still expect me to answer. I think it is totally fair, no one wants to go to find a new consultant for some simple questions. Recently my customer wanted to know who dropped the database table from their primary database.

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SQL SERVER – The Report Server Cannot Open a Connection to the Report Server Database. (rsReportServerDatabaseLogonFailed)

When my clients contact me for any issue, I always try to help them or redirect them to someone who can help them better than me. Once a client contacted me for an issue with SQL Server Reporting Services. As usual, I didn’t give up, but I investigated error message and applied a logical approach to fixing it. Let us see how to fix the error related to report server database. 

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