SharePlex – Efficient and High Performance Replication from Oracle to Kafka

Ask any DBA what is their dream infrastructure and I promise you that they will narrate immediately a story which will be centered around no downtime and amazing performance. However, when you ask them if they know what exactly will make them happy as well as run their business most efficient, why are they not going for it? The usual answer is budget. If we ask DBA to presume there is an infinite budget the next answer is Good Tool. In this blog post, we will discuss how we can replicate data from Oracle to Kafka and efficiently and quickly. 

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Oracle to SQL Server Data Migration and Replication – Budget and ROI

My primary job is to help various organizations design scalable architecture which can provide robust performance all the time. I love my job very much when I have complete freedom to make the decisions to build elaborate infrastructure. However, not every time I am allowed to do what I want to do because every CEO and CTO are concerned about one thing – “Budget and ROI (Return of investment).”

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Oracle to SQL SERVER Migration – Triggers Used While Migration

I am a big supporter of working on something that I get used. This is a trend I see that most of us are used to. When was the last time you switched loyalty from one phone to another? I know most of us have multiple devices that we use, but rarely that I have seen switch from an Android to iPhone to Windows to other devices. These are second to human nature. In the past 3+ years, I have been a big-time user from using Android phones. The model that I pick up depends on the price, hardware specification, specific features of my like and more. Let us learn about Oracle to SQL migration.

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