SQL SERVER – Nested Triggers – Trigger Calling Another Trigger Error

Recently I have received a very interesting question in an email. The user wanted to know how will trigger behave when there are nested triggers. In an email, he described a scenario where trigger called another trigger. I really liked the question and immediately answered in the email as well. However, I believe many others may have the same question, so decided to write this blog post with an example.

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Oracle to SQL SERVER Migration – Triggers Used While Migration

I am a big supporter of working on something that I get used. This is a trend I see that most of us are used to. When was the last time you switched loyalty from one phone to another? I know most of us have multiple devices that we use, but rarely that I have seen switch from an Android to iPhone to Windows to other devices. These are second to human nature. In the past 3+ years, I have been a big-time user from using Android phones. The model that I pick up depends on the price, hardware specification, specific features of my like and more. Let us learn about Oracle to SQL migration.

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