In earlier blogs on “Fundamentals of Columnstore Index”, I took a simple approach on taking a tour of how to create a simple Columnstore index. Having said that, SQL Server 2014 supports columnstore and columnstore archival compression for columnstore tables and indexes. Columnstore tables and indexes are always stored with…
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SQL SERVER – Columnstore Index and sys.dm_db_index_usage_stats

As you know I have been writing on Columnstore Index for quite a while. Recently my friend Vinod Kumar wrote about SQL Server 2012: ColumnStore Characteristics. A fantastic read on the subject if you have yet not caught up on that subject. After the blog post I called him and asked what should I write next on this subject. He suggested that I should write on DMV script which I have prepared related to Columnstore when I was writing our SQL Server Questions and Answers book. When we were writing this book SQL Server 2012 CTP versions were available. I had written few scripts related to SQL Server columnstore Index. I like Vinod’s idea and I decided to write about DMV, which we did not cover in the book as SQL Server 2012 was not released yet. We did not want to talk about the product which was not yet released.

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