SQL SERVER – Fix Error Msg 10794, Level 16 – The operation ‘CREATE INDEX’ is not supported with memory optimized tables.

Whenever I write something as a new concept, I do see people reading the blog do give it a try. Many a times I get queries that the script didn’t work for them after they learnt the concepts about memory optimized tables. The blog I wrote on how In Memory OLTP was supporting ColumnStore – read it: SQL SERVER – Creating Clustered ColumnStore with InMemory OLTP Tables

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SQL SERVER – Creating Clustered ColumnStore with InMemory OLTP Tables

When SQL Server 2016 was released, there were a number of enhancements that were discussed around how InMemory OLTP removed which were as limitations. I personally saw some real boot to some of the capabilities coming into InMemory OLTP especially around the concept called as Operational Analytics that Microsoft calls in this release. I am going to talk about this concept in my SQLPass session later this month in October but here is a teaser for what I learnt from this concept.

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SQL SERVER 2016 – Creating Clustered ColumnStore with InMemory OLTP Tables

I have been writing a lot of my findings with SQL Server 2016 in the recent past. This is also being something I have been investing big time keeping my session at SQLPASS coming in the October timeframe. I will be talking on a number of capabilities and enhancements around SQL Server 2016 from a performance standpoint that it is critical for me to explore some. I invest considerable time in preparation for any session and every single year going to SQLPASS has been the highlight and most of the time it is about hard work to make sure everyone attending my session gets the best of content. Also, it is a great way for me to do due diligence and homework as I prepare with real world problem statement with possible alternatives and solutions as part of my session. Let us learn about Creating Clustered ColumnStore with InMemory OLTP Tables.

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