SQL SERVER – Fix Error Msg 35336 Working with ColumnStore Indexes

Since my consulting have started around performance tuning, I am able to see a number of customers who want to start using the new capabilities of SQL Server for their existing application as they plan to do an upgrade of their infrastructure. In one of engagement with a bank, who was upgrading their SQL Server 2012 to SQL Server 2016, they were interested in knowing how some of the new InMemory or even usage of ColumnStore Indexes can be used. It was an interesting conversation that started which I am using as a blog here.

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SQL SERVER – Columnstore Index Cannot be Created When Computed Columns Exist

Explorations working with SQL Server never stop and I get an opportunity to learn something every other day. Today I thought of bringing pout some learning that happened to me by accident. As I was not sure and assumed certain things, these came as a surprise learning for me. So let us see what is the issue at hand, which is about Columnstore Index and Computed Column.

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SQL SERVER – Extended Events to watch for using ColumnStore Index

In the recent past, I have written a number of posts around ColumnStore Index and how they function. Some of the nuances of working with ColumnStore Indexes are available in this blog for reference. I have also written a few posts around Extended Events. One of my DBA friends pinged me to check if there were any way to use Profiler to see how ColumnStore Indexes worked. Obviously, there was nothing much of help I could offer because there were actually none in reality.

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SQL SERVER – Updating Data into ColumnStore Index with SQL Server 2012

Off late I have been writing tons of content working with SQL Server 2016. Some of the cool capabilities was to introduce the ability to update a ColumnStore index. This was also covered in the SQL SERVER 2016: Updating Non-Clustered ColumnStore Index Enhancement earlier. One of the readers asked me an interesting question about being inside SQL Server 2012 and they wanted to write / update their data on the ColumnStore enabled system and what was the process for them. The email started saying they were getting the following error.

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SQL SERVER – ShowPlan XML Additions for ColumnStore Indexes

The last time when I wrote about ColumnsStore FAQ, one of the readers had an interesting question. The question was around how to identify the traits of using a column store inside an execution plan. The very thought got me thinking. I was thinking where to start. I remembered that ShowPlan XML was a great way to see some of these attributes. The very next question that came up, what should one look forward to inside a ShowPlan XML.

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SQL SERVER – Error and Fix for Msg 1907 Cannot recreate index The new index definition does not match the constraint being enforced by the existing index

This particular blog post is around usage of Clustered ColumnStore Indexes and how one of my customer in a recent conversation brought this up to my notice. They were on SQL Server 2012 and were upgrading to SQL Server 2014 and were very much interested in the usage of Clustered…
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