SQL SERVER – T-SQL Errors and Reactions – Demo – SQL in Sixty Seconds #005 – Video

We got tremendous response to video of Error and Reaction of SQL in Sixty Seconds #002. We all have idea how SQL Server reacts when it encounters T-SQL Error. Today Rick explains the same in quick seconds. After watching this I felt confident to answer talk about SQL Server’s reaction to…
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SQL SERVER – T-SQL Constructs – Declaration and Initialization – SQL in Sixty Seconds #003 – Video

We got tremendous response to our very first video of SQL in Sixty Seconds #001 and SQL in Sixty Seconds #002. We talked about how to convert Subquery to CTE and Error and Reaction. My co-authors Vinod Kumar and Rick Morelan, we often came across very interesting and useful tips which we…
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SQLAuthority News – Interview with Book Authors after 2 Months of Book Released

Community is the most motivating force for me. I have often found situations where I have done more and better things because there was community around me. My latest book SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers is the result of the community’s support and love. Without the wide acceptance of…
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