SQL SERVER – Installing AdventureWorks Sample Database – SQL in Sixty Seconds #010 – Video

SQL Server has so many enhancements and features that quite often I feel like playing with various features and try out new things. I often come across situation where I want to try something new but I do not have sample data to experiment with. Also just like any sane developer I do not try any of my new experiments on production server. Additionally, when it is about new version of the SQL Server, there are cases when there is no relevant sample data even available on development server. In this kind of scenario sample database can be very much handy. Additionally, in many SQL Books and online blogs and articles there are scripts written by using AdventureWork database. The often receive request that where people can get sample database as well how to restore sample database.

In this sixty seconds video we have discussed the same. You can get various resources used in this video from http://bit.ly/adw2012.

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I encourage you to submit your ideas for SQL in Sixty Seconds. We will try to accommodate as many as we can.

If we like your idea we promise to share with you educational material.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi pinal,

    When i try to view the Video, it’s showing “The video is currently Unavailable”.

    Can you please suggest me from where can i see the videos’s?


  • Msg 5133, Level 16, State 1, Line 1
    Directory lookup for the file “C:\Users\gowdes\Downloads\AdventureWorks2012_Data.mdf” failed with the operating system error 5(Access is denied.).

  • Hi Pinal, when i tried to install AdventureWorks sample database its giving me an error regarding the DatabaseInstaller and secondly, I couldnt get the default instance in the Installation Instance dropdown list. I have SQL Server 2008. Thanks for reply in advance.

  • Hi Pinal,

    I tried installing AdventureWorks_SR4 but I couldn’t succeed. Everytime i try and it gives me an error page as “DatabaseInstaller has encountered a problem and needs to close”. What should I do?? Please help me out in fixing this issue. Thanks for the help in advance.

  • jayakrishna
    July 18, 2012 6:07 pm

    Thanku Sooo much its very useful for me

  • Thanks i installed it successfully on my win7 laptop. At first it said Access denied. When i copied the MDF to the DATA directory i clicked Yes when it said make directory available. works. you were much clearer than the MS pseudo-Help.

  • Dan Beaulieu (@transfer_point)
    November 19, 2014 10:26 am

    Worked, very clear directions. Thank You!


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