SQL SERVER – T-SQL Constructs – *= and += – SQL in Sixty Seconds #009 – Video

There were plenty of request for Vinod Kumar to come back with SQL in Sixty Seconds with T-SQL constructs after his very first well received construct video T-SQL Constructs – Declaration and Initialization – SQL in Sixty Seconds #003 – Video. Vinod finally comes up with this new episode where he demonstrates how dot net developer can write familiar syntax using T-SQL constructs. T-SQL has many enhancements which are less explored. In this quick video we learn how T-SQL Constructions works. We will explore Declaration and Initialization of T-SQL Constructions. We can indeed improve our efficiency using this kind of simple tricks. I strongly suggest that all of us should keep this kind of tricks in our toolbox.

More on Errors:
Declare and Assign Variable in Single Statement
Declare Multiple Variables in One Statement

I encourage you to submit your ideas for SQL in Sixty Seconds. We will try to accommodate as many as we can.

If we like your idea we promise to share with you educational material.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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