SQL SERVER – Color Coding SQL Server Management Studio Status Bar – SQL in Sixty Seconds #023 – Video

I often see developers executing the unplanned code on production server when they actually want to execute on the development server. Developers and DBAs get confused because when they use SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) they forget to pay attention to the server they are connecting. It is very easy to fix this problem. You can select different color for a different server. Once you have different color for different server in the status bar, it will be easier for developer easily notice the server against which they are about to execute the script.

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SQL SERVER – How do I Record Video and Webcast – Milestone – 2200th Blog Post – SQL in Sixty Seconds #022 – Video

Earlier I used to do Milestone blog posts where at the interval I used to celebrate achievements. However, as time passed the achievements changes their value and importance. We all grow more and more and our priorities are different. However, today I have come across a very interesting milestone! This…
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SQL SERVER – Generate Script for Schema and Data – SQL in Sixty Seconds #021 – Video

The biggest request we keep on getting in SQL in Sixty Seconds is tricks with SQL Server Management Studio. It seems like SSMS is our favorite tool and we all want to share our neat tricks with everybody. Today I am going to share very popular and most requested SQL Server Tip. Sample data and test database is very common when working in a development environment. A developer often creates interesting samples as well challenging objects in their database. The architects work on databases and hand it over to developers, later developer hand it over to DBA. In simple words, in many cases the database move from one place to another place. It is not always possible to back up and restore databases. There are possibilities when only part of the database (with schema and data) has to be moved.

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SQL SERVER – Tricks to Comment T-SQL in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #019 – Video

Code commeting is the one of the most common tasks developers perform. There are two major reasons why developer comment code. 1) During Debug 2) Documenting the code. While debugging the T-SQL code I have often seen developers struggling to comment code.  They spend (or waste) more time in commenting…
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SQL SERVER – Importing CSV File Into Database – SQL in Sixty Seconds #018 – Video

Importing data into database is one of the most important tasks. I often receive questions regarding what is the quickest way to insert CSV data or how to import CSV Data into SQL Server Table. Honestly the process is very simple and the script is even simpler. In today’s SQL…
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