SQL SERVER – Identify Most Resource Intensive Queries – SQL in Sixty Seconds #028 – Video

During performance tuning conversation the very first question people often ask is what are the queries offending the server or in another word let us identify the queries which are the most resource intensive. The resources are often described as either Memory, CPU or IO. When we talk about the…
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SQL SERVER – Copy Column Headers from Resultset – SQL in Sixty Seconds #027 – Video

SQL Server Management Studio returns results in Grid View, Text View and to the file. When we copy results from the Grid View to Excel there is a common complaint that the column header displayed in resultset is not copied to the Excel. I often spend time in performance tuning databases and I run many DMV’s in SSMS to get a quick view of the server. In my case it is almost certain that I need all the time copy column headers when I copy my data to excel or any other place.

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SQL SERVER – Effect of Collation on Resultset – SQL in Sixty Seconds #026 – Video

Collation is a very important concept but often ignored. I have often seen developers either not understanding this or ignored it – this is plain wrong. In simple word we can say Collation is the language or interpreting done by SQL Server. Well, in today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds we…
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SQL SERVER – Get Date and Time From Current DateTime – SQL in Sixty Seconds #025 – Video

This is 25th video of series SQL in Sixty Seconds we started a few months ago. Even though this is 25th video it seems like we have just started this few days ago. The best part of this SQL in Sixty Seconds is that one can learn something new in…
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SQL SERVER – Three Methods to Insert Multiple Rows into Single Table – SQL in Sixty Seconds #024 – Video

One of the biggest ask I have always received from developers is that if there is any way to insert multiple rows into a single table in a single statement. Currently when developers have to insert any value into the table they have to write multiple insert statements. First of…
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