SQL SERVER – Installing AdventureWorks Sample Database – SQL in Sixty Seconds #010 – Video

SQL Server has so many enhancements and features that quite often I feel like playing with various features and try out new things. I often come across situation where I want to try something new but I do not have sample data to experiment with. Also just like any sane developer I…
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SQL SERVER – Cleaning Up SQL Server Indexes – Defragmentation, Fillfactor – Video

Storing data non-contiguously on disk is known as fragmentation. Before learning to eliminate fragmentation, you should have a clear understanding of the types of fragmentation. When records are stored non-contiguously inside the page, then it is called internal fragmentation. When on disk, the physical storage of pages and extents is not contiguous. We…
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SQL SERVER – T-SQL Constructs – *= and += – SQL in Sixty Seconds #009 – Video

There were plenty of request for Vinod Kumar to come back with SQL in Sixty Seconds with T-SQL constructs after his very first well received construct video T-SQL Constructs – Declaration and Initialization – SQL in Sixty Seconds #003 – Video. Vinod finally comes up with this new episode where he…
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SQL SERVER – Transcript of Learning SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics – Interview of Vinod Kumar by Pinal Dave

Recently I just wrote a blog post on about Learning SQL Server Performance: Indexing Basics and I received lots of request that if we can share some insight into the course. Here is 200 seconds interview of Vinod Kumar I took right after completing the course. We have few free codes to…
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SQL SERVER – Using MAXDOP 1 for Single Processor Query – SQL in Sixty Seconds #008 – Video

Today’s SQL in Sixty Seconds video is inspired from my presentation at TechEd India 2012 on Speed up! – Parallel Processes and Unparalleled Performance. There are always special cases when it is about SQL Server. There are always few queries which gives optimal performance when they are executed on single…
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