SQL SERVER – 5 Recent Underperforming Videos – Dec 2020

If you are familiar with SQL in Sixty Seconds then you probably know that I often build that based on my real-world experience with my clients when I am working on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Today we are going to see the 5 recent underperforming videos.

SQL SERVER - 5 Recent Underperforming Videos - Dec 2020 underperforming-800x422

Every week, I try to put one video out about the real-world experience and scenario. I often get lots of encouragement from the videos. However, there have been moments with some of the videos where the video never gain much popularity.

I have recently sent out an email to newsletter subscribers (if you are not a subscriber, you should subscribe now) inquiring about why some of the videos are unpopular and I have received very creative feedback about it and I appreciate everyone who responded.

Let us see the list of all the videos which has recently underperforming. This list has been updated in Dec 2020.

Change Database Collation

Building Infinite Loop

Single Installer for SSMS & ADS

Arrow in Execution Plan

OUTPUT Clause 5 FAQs

Once you watch the video, please leave your kind feedback in the comments section. I read every single comment and respond to them. My goal is to build videos that you like the most.
Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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