Experience – My Very First YouTube Live

Today I am going to share my experience with my very first YouTube Live. I realized that there is a lot of improvement required in my efforts, and I also need to bring some more fineness to my presentation. Let us discuss that in detail.

If you want to watch YouTube Live, you can watch it here.

Content of the Live 1

    • 0:00 Hello!
    • 1:00 Microphone issue
    • 6:20 Microphone Issue Resolved – Increase the Volume
    • 7:45 Real World Scenario
    • 12:00 Compatibility Conversation
    • 16:00 Interesting Note on TempDB
    • 20:25 Memory Grant
    • 22:00 Free Scripts
    • 23:36 Demo of Indexing and Wait Stats
    • 27:00 Final Note

Good Stuff

First, we will discuss the good stuff. I was very much nervous before the presentation as I am always worried about something going wrong (well, something did go wrong and I will cover that later in this blog post). However, nothing major went wrong which I could not correct. I am usually worried about the service outages of internet, power, or anything I can’t fix. However, all of them went fine with regard to services.

There were over 400 live attendees to my presentations and I have received nearly 500+ comments. Now, this was indeed encouraging considering it was a very first live presentation.

I had made my mind that my presentation is going to be of only 30 minutes and I was able to stick to that so I am very happy. I really value your time and my time and all the presenters should always respect the time of the attendees.

Bad Stuff

I must blame myself for poor marketing. I think lots of people reached out to me saying that they did not know I was about to do a live stream. Many wanted to join but had no idea. I must blame myself as I really did not know how to actually reach out to many of you. Here is my request to all of you. Please please join the newsletter here: https://go.sqlauthority.com and I will send you regular reminders.

I had rehearsed my presentation multiple times and I have tried my streaming software multiple times. However, during the first few minutes of the presentation, I learned that my audio has been heard from a single side of the Microphone. That means I had to change my microphone while I was doing a live presentation. I have learned from my mistakes and I have fixed the issue with the audio. Hopefully, in the future, you will find no issues related to it.

Future Improvements

I am hoping that I can use some good transitions between camera and screen in the future. I am also looking forward to coming up with a way where I can live answer comments from the users. I also need to find a way to get feedback from users about how things are going during the live presentation. It is critical to have the pulse of the audience while presenting online live and I will try to do better at that in the future.

Well, that’s it for today. Let me know if you have any feedback, suggestions or tools which I can use to do a better presentation on YouTube Live.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (http://blog.SQLAuthority.com)

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