Find Outdated Statistics – SQL in Sixty Seconds #137

Find Outdated Statistics - SQL in Sixty Seconds #137 137-Statistics-yt-800x450 Is it possible that your statistics are many years old but still are valid for your SQL Server? Yes, It is difficult to find Outdated Statistics is not as easy as it seems. Many will argue that there is nothing outdated statistics and they are right at many count.

Yesterday I wrote a blog post SQL SERVER – Find Oldest Updated Statistics – Outdated Statistics and I got lots of feedback about it from my clients as well as blog readers. Based on their request, I have decided to build a video that discusses how to find outdated statistics and related discussions.

Here is the SQL in the Sixty Seconds video.

All the scripts used in this video are available for free over here. It is always recommended that you try out all of your experiments first on your development environment rather than production. It is needless to mention that you should update your statistics when your server is not busy to avoid any performance pressure on the busy server.

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