Arrow in Execution Plan – SQL in Sixty Seconds #136

Do you know what a single arrow means in an execution plan? While we popularly call it the arrow, there is a technical name for these little arrows and not many know about it.  Let us learn in this video what actually a single arrow means in an execution plan and what is its technical name?

While the video is very short, it is actually inspired by the following three blog posts: (Special Thanks)

Now here is a quick video discussing many topics in just a few seconds.

Let me know your thought about this quick video. I will be happy to know your thoughts. If you want to watch a longer video on this topic, I will be happy to do so if there is a request for it.

The link at the end of the outro goes to SQL SERVER – Live Query Statistics – SQL in Sixty Seconds #104.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (

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