Where are SQL Jobs Stored? – Interview Question of the Week #293

Question: Where is SQL Jobs Stored?

Answer: In MSDB Database in dbo.sysjobs table.

This question was actually asked to me on my YouTube Channel. The user wanted to know in case if SQL Job was deleted accidentally where they can find it. The answer is the MSDB Database in dbo.sysjobs table.

I often tell my blog readers as well as clients of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check that just like the backup of the user database is important the same way the backup of the system database is equally important. You never know when you need them and what kind of information they contain.

With that said you should never need to take a backup of the TempDB because that is recreated with every single restart of the system. As the matter of fact, you can use TempDB to know when was your SQL Server services restarted by looking at its date created.

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Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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