CONCAT and NULL – SQL in Sixty Seconds #123

CONCAT and NULL - SQL in Sixty Seconds #123 122-ThreadStatus-cover-ytfinal-500x281 Just another day, I posted a blog post over here SQL SERVER – NULL Values and CONCAT Function. Lots of people read the blog post and I got quite a few emails on this blog post as well as some interesting conversation on twitter. Based on the suggestions, I have decided to convert the blog into the video of SQL in the Sixty Seconds. Let us learn about CONCAT and NULL – SQL in Sixty Seconds #123.

So here is the question for you – What will be the result of the SELECT CONCAT (NULL, NULL, NULL) statement? 

Try to think about the answer before you watch the following video. I think once you watch the video, you will know the answer. One of the primary reasons, I have built this video is to help people who are migrating their SQL Server. I have seen lots of people using the previous method of the plus (+) sign and when they convert it to the newer method of CONCAT, it works just fine till they encounter the NULL value.

I hope this quick video helps anyone who is working with the CONCAT function and NULL value.

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