Recover Crashed Query in SSMS – SQL in Sixty Seconds #116

Has it ever happened to you when you are working on a large SQL Server query and suddenly your SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) crashes? Honestly, it has happened to me quite many times and it is indeed frustrating. Today we will learn about how we can recover crashed queries in SSMS.

The good thing is that when SSMS crashes at that time, it automatically saves all the work due to configuration settings in the SSMS. You can access that configuration by going to Tools >> Options >> Environment >> AutoRecover.

Here is the screenshot for the same.

Recover Crashed Query in SSMS - SQL in Sixty Seconds #116 recoversettings

Now due to any reason, if the file is not recovered after the SSMS has crashed, one should not worry at all. SSMS saves your file for a few days in a special folder. In my case the name of the folder is as following:

C:\Users\pinal\Documents\Visual Studio 2017\Backup Files\Solution1

Now the name of the folder may vary based on the version of SSMS and Visual Studio installed in your machine. I have included all this in this SQL in the Sixty Seconds video over here:

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