Ask the Experts: Database Performance Roundtable by Quest

SQL Server Performance tuning is all about endless learning for every single person. I have been working on this field for so many years and till today, I learn every single day. Today I am going to talk about my motivation behind  Ask the Experts: Database Performance Roundtable.

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All Questions are Equally Intelligent and Stupid

Every expert was beginners once and every beginner is an expert at something. The knowledge is nothing but a discovery phase to reach a destination where we are comfortable to do our daily job.

Every single time when I am helping customers with Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I often get asked questions starting with the following wordings –

“I have a stupid question…” 

“My question is level 100 question…”

“I have a novice question…”

“You may think I am foolish after my question but…”

Honestly, there are no stupid questions out there. All questions are equally stupid and intelligent at the same time.

Questions are Conversation Extenders

Asking a question does not mean that you have lesser knowledge or the other person has more knowledge. The matter of fact question represents your interest in the ongoing conversation. If you can ask the question that means you want to continue the conversation for more information.

I have always treated all the question as a conversation extenders. Questions are a quest to continue the learning experience. They give direction and structure to the conversation.

Ask the Experts: Database Performance Roundtable

In the same note, I would like to invite all of you to join me the Ask the Experts: Database Performance Roundtable by Quest which will feature Brent Ozar along with me.

Don’t miss this one-of-a-kind opportunity to get advice and real-world insight from industry-leading experts, Brent Ozar, Microsoft Certified Master and Pinal Dave, SQL Server Performance Tuning Expert.

Here is the link to Register.

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