MariaDB – MySQL – Show Engines to Display All Available and Supported Engine

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My primary job is to help my clients with their SQL Server Performance Problems. The best part of my job is that I get to work with the new client every day on my favorite topic of Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. Many of my clients are running other RDMBS along with SQL Server. I recently received a question from a client who was using MariaDB, is there any way to know what kind of Engines their version of MariaDB supports. Essentially, they wanted to know command which can Show Engines to Display All Available and Supported Engine in MariaDB.

As you know that MariaDB can be a replacement for MySQL. All the command which works for MySQL usually works for MariaDB. I remembered when I used to work with MySQL, I used a command SHOW ENGINES, I asked them to see if that works for them on MariaDB or not. Indeed it worked.

Here is the command which will display all available and supported engine in MariaDB.


Here is the output of the above command when I ran the same on my version of MariaDB which is 10.4.8.

I also realized that InnoDB is a default database engine for MariaDB because it supports transactions, foreign keys, and row-level locking.

It is very clear from the result of what is transactions and savepoint transactions. The letters XA stands for XA transactions are designed to allow distributed transactions, where a transaction manager (the application) controls a transaction that involves multiple resources.

If you want to start learning MariaDB or MySQL, here is the link where you can learn more about it:

Let me know if you have any good tricks for SQL Server, I will be happy to post on the blog with due credit to you.

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