Where to Download SQL Server 2019 for FREE? – Interview Question of the Week #276

Question: Where to Download SQL Server 2019 for FREE?

Answer: This is one of the most popular questions, I keep on receiving from blog readers as well as many of my clients. I had previously written a blog post about SQL Server 2019 on the release day.

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Well, honestly SQL Server is not available for download for free. Only SQL Server 2019 Developer edition (which you can’t use on the production system) is available to download and install for development purposes only. SQL Server 2019 Developer version is exactly the same as the enterprise version but in terms of the licensing it is not allowed to run on the production.

You can use the SQL Server 2019 Developer edition to test out various features as well as create your proof of concept which you can, later on, deploy on your other system which has a proper license.

Here is the link for downloading SQL Server 2019. You can download either SQL Server 2019 developer edition for free or download SQL Server 2019 Enterprise Edition trial version.

While we are talking about downloading a new version of SQL Server, let us download two essentials for the latest version of SQL Server. Here is the link to download the latest version of SSMS and sample database.

Additionally, note that SQL Server Express edition has been always a free version of the SQL Server and always available to download for free. You can also use SQL Server 2019 Express for development and production for desktop, web, and small server applications at absolutely no cost at all.

As I use SQL Server for demonstration purposes, I always install two versions of SQL Server on my machine – SQL Server Developer Edition and SQL Server Express. This way, I can use either of them for demonstration purposes for my client.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Why would this be an interview question? Where to download something? Why would you expect me to know that? (I do, but why would you base an interview question on something so pointless?) And then sounds like you have it set as a trick question with the licensing thing. Yes, I can download SQL Server 2019 Enterprise version for free, the download is free. Just can’t use it without a license, so that’s a dishonest question.


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