SQL SERVER – Skip “Save Changes to the Following Items?” Prompt in Management Studio (SSMS 2016)

As a DBA/Developer, you must have seen below screen lot of times and most of the time you must have hit No. I know it is one of those moments when you want to leave from work and those annoying popup just stops you for that couple of seconds that you don’t want to waste. In reality, I inadvertently press the space bar and it asks for a location to save. Let us see an interesting blog post about SSMS 2016.

SQL SERVER - Skip "Save Changes to the Following Items?" Prompt in Management Studio (SSMS 2016) ssms-save-01

I really hate this when I am working with a client and I run queries on an adhoc basis and I don’t want to save them. I remember that this feedback was given to Microsoft via connect Permit nameless windows that do not need saving in SSMS – by Erland Sommarskog and I am happy to see that they have heard this and incorporated this in the product.

So now, in SQL Server 2016 Management Studio, we can choose to change this setting. Which means that we have option to skip prompt to save T-SQL files. As shown below, we can see a new option under “Tools > Options > Query Execution > SQL Server” to control if a prompt is shown for unsaved T-SQL files.

SQL SERVER - Skip "Save Changes to the Following Items?" Prompt in Management Studio (SSMS 2016) ssms-save-02

Once we uncheck the checkbox mentioned above, there would be no prompt to save the file.

Did you know that SQL Server Management Studio is a free standalone installer now?

Download SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Is there any new trick you know in SSMS 2016. Please share via comments. Do you like this neat little addition to SQL Server Management Studio?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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