Google Spreadsheet – Finding Last Value from Column

I have previously written about how to find the top and bottom value of column in SQL Server but recently I got a very interesting question based on the same blog post. The question was how to find the last value from Column in Google Spreadsheet. I find it very interesting and attempted to find the solution in Google Spreadsheet.

Honestly, looking the problem of finding the last value indeed looked very challenging in the beginning as I have not used Google Spreadsheet in the past. If I had to find the maximum or minimum value, it was not that difficult as I can easily use the function MIN or MAX but when I had to find the last value – there was no LAST function. After some try and error I figured out the solution. It is very difficult to show the solution in the blog format so I have demonstrated image herewith, where I have demonstrated the function which I have used right below the column to find the last value.

The function which I have used is as follows: =INDEX(A2:A10, COUNTA(A2:A10))

Google Spreadsheet - Finding Last Value from Column googlespreadsheetlastvalue

Let me know if you find this quick tip useful.

Reference: Pinal Dave (

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