SQLAuthority News – Learning, Community and Book Signing at #SQLPASS 2012

SQLPASS event is going excellent we are having great great fun! We are having book signing events and the response is overwhelmingly positive. I am glad that all of you love our books and I totally appreciate your support. Rick and I both are feeling very motivated to write more books in future. Here is our schedule for book signing.

SQL Queries 2012 Joes 2 Pros Volume1

SQLAuthority News - Learning, Community and Book Signing at #SQLPASS 2012 SQLQueries2012Vol1

Finally a book for the true SQL Server beginner! Whether you are brand new to databases and are thinking of getting your 70-461 certification or already a semi-pro working in the field and need some fingertip support, this is this is the book for you. Joes 2 Pros does not assume you already know anything about databases or SQL server.  This book builds on the success of the previous series and will help anyone transform themselves from a beginner “Joe” into a SQL 2012 “Pro”.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
12pm-1pm – Book Signing at Exhibit Hall Joes Pros booth#117 (FREE BOOK)

Rest all the time – I will be at Exhibition Hall Joes 2 Pros Booth #117. Stop by for the goodies!

This book is also available on Amazon.

SQL 2012 Functions Joes 2 Pros

Functions have been around for many years to make our lives easier. Because of them, thousands of lines of valuable programming can be done with one statement. When we know what functions are offered in SQL Server we can get powerful projects done very quickly. Often times, the functions you wished you had are released in the next version.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012
7pm-8pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

Thursday, November 8, 2012
12pm-1pm – Embarcadero Booth Book Signing (FREE BOOK)

This book is also available on Amazon.

If you are at SQLPASS stop by Booth #117 – I will be there and many be you can get one of my signed book!

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)


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