SQLAuthority News – Amazon Gift Card Raffle for Beta Tester Feedback for NuoDB

As regular readers know I’ve been spending some time working with the NuoDB beta software. They contacted me last week and asked if I would give you a chance to try their new web-based console for their scalable, SQL-compliant database.

They have just put out their final beta release, Beta 9.  It contains a preview of a new web-based “NuoConsole” that will replace and extend the functionality of their current desktop version.  I haven’t spent any time with the new console yet but a really quick look tells me it should make it easier to do deeper monitoring than the older one. It also looks like they have added query-level reporting through the console. I will try to play with it soon.

NuoDB is doing a last, big push to get some more feedback from developers before they release their 1.0 product sometime in the next several weeks. Since the console is new, they are especially interested in some quick feedback on it before general availability.

For SQLAuthority readers only, NuoDB will raffle off three $50 Amazon gift cards in exchange for your feedback on the NuoConsole preview.

Here’s how to Enter

  1. Download NuoDBeta 9 here
  2. You must build a domain before you can start the console.
  3. Launch the Web Console.
    1. Windows Code: start java -jar jarnuodbwebconsole.jar
    2. Mac, Linux, Solaris, Unix Code: java -jar jar/nuodbwebconsole.jar
  4. Access the Web Console: Code: http://localhost:8080
  5. When you have tried it out, go to a short (8 question) survey to enter the raffle
  6. Click here for the survey
  7. You must complete the survey before midnight EDT on October 17, 2012.

Here’s what else they are saying about this last beta before general availability:

  • Beta 9 now supports the Zend PHP framework so that PHP developers can directly integrate web applications with NuoDB.
  • Multi-threaded HDFS support – NuoDB Storage Managers can now be configured to persist data to the high performance Hadoop distributed file system (HDFS). Beta 9 optimizes for multi-thread I/O streams at maximum performance. This enhancement allows users to make Hadoop their core storage with no extra effort which is a pretty cool idea.
  • Improved Performance –On a single transaction node, Beta 9 offers performance comparable with MySQL and MariaDB. As additional nodes are added, NuoDB performance improves significantly at near linear scale.
  • Query & Explain Plan Logging – Beta 9 introduces SQL explain plans for your queries. Qualify queries with the word “EXPLAIN” and NuoDB will respond with the details of the execution plan allowing performance optimization to SQL.
  • Through the NuoConsole, you can now kill hung or long running queries.
  • Java App Server Support – Beta 9 now supports leading Web JEE app servers including JBoss, Tomcat, and ColdFusion.

They’ve also reported:

  • Improved PHP/PDO drivers
  • Support for Drupal
  • Faster Ruby on Rails driver
  • The Hibernate Dialect supports version 4.1
  • And good news for my readers: numerous SQL enhancements

They will share the results of the web console feedback with me.  I’ll let you know how it goes.

Also the winner of their last contest was Jaime Martínez Lafargue! 

Do leave a comment here once you complete the survey. 

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Jame didin’t answer 1-st question properly. She gave the link to msdn page instead. So the competition was not to give the answer, but to give the link where you can find the answer? There were many better answers than Jame, this is some kind of joke I guess..

    • Hi SQL,

      The winner was only one and was selected based on random algorithm. We carefully take the feedback and there are now three winning opportunities. No matter how much we do there are always case when some wins and some has to try again.

      Kind Regards,


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