YCSB Benchmark and Latest Evaluation With NuoDB


Database world is very big and it is very difficult to compare multiple database with each other. The reality is that every database organization talks about the unique features of their database in such fashion that each database is the best among the competition. When I go for a database consultation, my customers often ask, which is the best possible database out there in the industry which can handle big data efficiently. If you search on the internet, you will realize that there are tons of the database products out there. In this blog post we will discuss about how we can select the best possible database with the help of YCSB Benchmark.

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SQL Contest – Win 10 Amazon Gift Cards worth (USD 200) and 10 NuoDB T-Shirts

This month, we have yet not run any contest so we will be running a very interesting contest with the help of good guys at NuoDB. NuoDB has just released version 2.0 and by participating in the contest, you can win NuoDB T-Shirts.

NuoDB’s NewSQL distributed database is designed to be a single database that works across multiple servers, which can scale easily, and scale on demand. That’s one system that gives high connectivity, but no latency, complexity or maintenance issues. MySQL works in some circumstances, but a period of growth isn’t one of them. So as a company moves forward, the MySQL database can’t keep pace. Data storage and data replication errors creep in. Soon the diaspora of the offices becomes a problem. Your telephone system isn’t just distributed, it is literally all over the place. You can read my detailed article about how Why VoIP Service Providers Should Think About NuoDB’s Geo Distribution.

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