SQLAuthority News – An Incredible Successful SQL Saturday #116 Event – First SQL Saturday in India

We have recently wrapped up our most recent event, SQL Saturday #116, and I am I am sure I am not alone in reporting that it was a huge success!  We had a full crowd – every seat taken, plus standing-room-only in the back.  We also had a lot of good feedback and the crowd was definitely involved and engaged, so I think it was an all-around success.

SQLAuthority News - An Incredible Successful SQL Saturday #116 Event - First SQL Saturday in India sqlsat_2

Given the success of our UG meetings in Bangalore, this year we tried to accommodate even more people by hosting two technical tracks at the same event.  I think this plan worked out well and I have heard a lot of supportive comments about it.

Because we now were able to provide six speaking slots, we had a lot of great speakers this year.  Karan Gulati spoke about BI in Denal, Amit Banerjee gave a talk titled “Demystifying SQL Server Memory Dumps.”  My co-author Vinod Kumar even gave a talk about “Security with SQL Server – Discovering Pitfalls”, and some of the pitfalls you might come up against. Very interesting and inspiring session. I learned lots of tricks from this session and wished that this session never ends.

I was proud to be asked to speak at this event.  I was third in the line-up in the Developer track.   I think the talk went very well.  My topic was “SQL Server Performance Tips & Tricks,” and I started out with a Q&A with the audience.  I think group participation like this is a great way to learn about a subject.  The questions from the audience came fast and furious, but I think I answered everyone to the best of my ability, and I am happy to report that everyone laughed in the right places.

After my talk, Balmukund Lakhani spoke about a topic he called “Always on Unplugged.”  He talked about a new feature that is coming up in SQL Server called Availability Group.  Last was Rick Morelan, who gave a talk called “Basic Performance Tips & Gotchas.”  I think readers may recognize his name from another book I co-authored (SQL Wait Stats), and it was exciting to share the stage with him again.

When all the talks were over, the fun was not finished!   I am also very excited to tell all my readers that a special give-away at this event was none other than my book, SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers.  There was even time for book signing afterwards, and it feels like everyone wanted their copy signed.  The book wasn’t the only giveaway, either.  Every attendee received a free 7-day trial subscription to Pluralsight, which I hope everyone takes advantage of. Vinod and I have co-authored SQL Server Questions and Answers course on Pluralsight as well. Thanks to SQLPASS, Sponsors, and Microsoft for making this event a bit success.

In the end, the conference was a great success and I am very pleased with the amount of attendees and participation.  I am now very tired after all that hard work, but I am also feeling very satisfied with a job well done.

Here are few write ups on by community members:- Vinod, Lohit, Sudeepta, Manas, Varun

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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