SQLAuthority News – An Year Worth Remembering and Looking Forward to Better Next Year

Year 2011 will be my favorite year for long time. I have achieved many personal milestones this year. I will list few things here today, which should keep me inspired next year to do even better. Here is my blog post which I have written for January 1, 2011 SQLAuthority News – Resolution for New Year 2011.

Reduced Travel

Last year I traveled to six new countries and traveled internationally 11 times. This year I traveled internationally only two times and to a single country – the USA. Additionally, I traveled much less domestically. The effect of less travel is spending more time with my family. I enjoy it every minute of it. I was able to witness my daughter growing every day. Now I am planning to travel to a few international destinations in 2012 with my family.


I blogged every single day this year. Every day at 7 AM I make sure to hit the publish button. Every day I had anxiety to write something new, something better than the day before and I find it very relaxing when the blog is published and it is out on the web.

Weight Loss

The less I write about this the better. I did not lose any weight. I went to the gym almost every other day and did yoga but I still need to change a few eating habits. I am going to focus in the coming year  to concentrate on losing weight as much as I concentrate on writing my blog.

Book Authoring

I authored three books this year (in three months) and I consider it my dream come true. All three books are very well accepted in the community and I feel overwhelmed with love that the community has accepted the books with the same support as they have done with blog.

12 Links for 12 Months

It is very hard to pick one blog for an entire month when I write more than 30 blog posts a month. It will be challenging to pick one blog post but going over the entire year’s blog posts, it is going to be:

January: SQL SERVER – 2008 – Missing Index Script – Download and SQL SERVER – Copy Statistics from One Server to Another Server
February: SQL SERVER – Summary of Month – Wait Type – Day 28 of 28
March: SQL SERVER – ‘Denali’ – A Simple Example of Contained Databases
April: SQL SERVER – Introduction to SQL Azure – Creating Database and Connecting Database
May: SQL SERVER – Copy Database from Instance to Another Instance – Copy Paste in SQL Server
June: SQL SERVER – Solution – Puzzle – Statistics are not Updated but are Created Once
July:  SQL SERVER – Interview Questions and Answers – Frequently Asked Questions – Complete Downloadable List – Day 0 of 31
August: SQL SERVER – Tips from the SQL Joes 2 Pros Development Series – All about SQL Constraints – Day 22 of 35
September: SQL SERVER – Denali – Conversion Function – Difference between PARSE(), TRY_PARSE(), TRY_CONVERT()
October: SQL SERVER – Quick Note about JOIN – Common Questions and Simple Answers
November: SQL SERVER – Puzzle to Win Print Book – Functions FIRST_VALUE and LAST_VALUE with OVER clause and ORDER BY
December: SQL SERVER – Bad Practice of Using Keywords as an Object Name – Avoid Using Keywords as an Object

Hope you had a wonderful 2011 and looking forward to excellent 2012.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Congratulations on a good year! I’ve ever commented before, but I’ve sure as hell used your blog many times. So thank you for the work you do!

  • Sameer Panchangam
    December 31, 2011 9:13 am

    Health is wealth, and prosperity :)

  • Hi pinal sir,
    Wish you a very happy new year :)

    Chirag Satasiya

  • It will be nice see you in different look…
    We all are waiting for this..

  • Wish you A very Happy and prosperous New Year to all !!

  • Hii sir..

    Can you show an exmaple of how to implement locks on transactions
    1. shared lock
    2. update lock

    waiting for your reply….
    Nirav Chheda

  • Hi,

    With this New Year I decided to read as much as possible technical books and I started and completed your book of interview questions and answers…

  • Mohamed Shukri
    January 26, 2012 5:53 pm

    Dear Sir,
    we are running 7 different databases in on server [Server configuration Intel Xeon 2.53Ghz]. databases sizes are following

    Name Db_Size
    A 181.94 MB
    B 70.50 MB
    D 60138.00 MB
    E 156.44 MB
    F 4369.38 MB
    G 156281.13 MB
    H 434.19 MB

    My question is when doing a single process [update,select] in database G always getting struck database D. so did index in database G but no feel any performance different. Hard disk spaces also available. so dear sir please give me the better solution to that.


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