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Today’s blog post is not technical as usual. Here, I present a real story, and I also invite you all to share your thoughts or opinions on this post.

I am a professional SQL Server Trainer; I also do consultation in the area of the Performance Tuning and Query Optimizations. In any month, I like the mix of both in my schedule. I prefer to do training for one week, and then commit the next week for some consultation work. Due to the advancement in technology, for most of the consultation works, there is no client location visit or first time visit for understanding the project.

Usually, I conduct high-end training sessions or 400 level training, and these training sessions are very intensive most of the time. Always after completing the training for 5 days straight away at 400 level, I make sure to take out some time to cool down and relax. During this time, I prefer to work on optimization projects. Consultancy is great as it keeps me updated regarding what is going on in the real world. As we all know, all those trainers who have real world experience are always considered to be the best trainers. My learning is immense during my consultations with the real client and while resolving real problems. I share the same with my students the very next week when I go for training sessions. For the same reason, every class is different from the previous ones. An experience trainer would tell you that the class is best if it is driven by Students the way instructor wants!

The best scenario is as described above; but you won’t get the best scenario all the time. I was on road for nearly 25 days out of the last 30 days and involved in doing various SQL Server-related trainings. Here is what I have done in the last 30 days. I have gathered the following details from my expenditure reports, which are maintained by my wife. There are few points related to my personal expenses and few other related to business. I maintain a separate list for each of these expenses, but here I have aggregated them.

Last 30 days –

  • Training 23 days –
    • 4 – two days training classes – 8 days of training
    • 3 – five days training classes – 15 days of training
    • 1 – one day training classes – 2 days of training
  • Flights 18 flights –
    • 8 – Kingfisher
    • 6 – Spicejet
    • 2 – Jet light
    • 2 – Jet connect
  • Stay in different cities
    • Hyderabad – 16 days
    • Chennai – 6 days
    • Bangalore – 2 days
    • Ahmedabad – 6 days (Hometown)
  • Meals – 54 (Averaging less than 2 per day)
    • Room Services – 16 times
    • Training Campuses – 20 times
    • Restaurants – 6 times
    • Home – 12 times
  • Taxi/Cabs – 64 times (Averaging more than 2 per day)
    • Hotel Cab – 34 times
    • Meru Cab – 8 times
    • Easy Cabs – 10 times
    • Auto Rickshaw – 2 times

Looking at the above statistics, I can see that I have eaten less than what I should have, which is not good, and traveled in taxi more than what I should have. Also the temperatures in different cities were very different, not to mention the humidity as well. I missed my family, especially my little girl (9 months). When I was at home, I used to have a proper healthy meal every single day; however, when I was traveling, the food was something I had to compromise on.

I have previously written about my travel experience with different airlines, my opinion is still same about them. Well, I have question to all of you road warriors, how do you manage your health and enthusiasm during situations I am going through. I have couple of time stomach upset as well sour throat. I drink lots of water and do my best to keep up. Any idea?

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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  • Hi Pinal,
    I read your blog everyday and you are doing a great job.
    I have been in a similar situation(but in USA) and couple of things that helped me are:
    1.Be very careful about what you eat and drink.i usually try to avoid fried stuff and drink bottled water(eat healthy).I usually get temped to order heavy and tasty stuff in restaurants.But I learnt the hard way not to do that the day before presentation.Keep that for the day off.
    2.try to hit hit the gym or go for a walk at the end of day to unwind.For me I do it after dinner.
    3.Do something that you enjoy during the day like reading,listening to music etc.(30-60mins)
    4.Maintain a todo list for everyday in priority order.The night before.
    5.For enthusiasm, have the big picture in mind and think why you do what you do.
    Hope this helps.

  • Hi Pinal, honest post..thank you. Personally I quit being consultant for same reason(s), mainly healthwise I could not cope with eating outside food and dealing with different weather(s). Even being in the states where food hygiene is a little better it was very tough and I could not cope.

    To me it is cons of being a consultant..I would only suggest finding long term assignments if possible, a lot of people I know opt for that. Atleast if you are in one place you can make good arrangements for food and adjust to weather better, also possibly have some family members visit.


  • In this day and age, keeping fit and healthy is very important. The reason being most of the folks who work in sedentary jobs (sitting in front of computers) have the tendency to develop health issues due to lack of physical activity. I guess it is important to watch what we eat and a keep a routine to do something that does not involve sitting around with PC’s. Nice article….

  • Indeed a good (unique and non-technical) post from you after long time :-).

    Like the statement “….Consultancy is great as it keeps me updated regarding what is going on in the real world. …..”.

    Keep up the good work.. Pinal.


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