SQLAuthority News – Whitepaper – Auditing in SQL Server 2008

Auditing in SQL Server 2008
SQL Server Technical Article
Writer: Il-Sung Lee, Art Rask
Technical Reviewer: Jack Richins, Rick Byham, Sameer Tejani, Al Comeau, JC Cannon
Published: February 2009

With SQL Server Audit, SQL Server 2008 introduces an important new feature that provides a true auditing solution for enterprise customers. While SQL Trace can be used to satisfy many auditing needs, SQL Server Audit offers a number of attractive advantages that may help DBAs more easily achieve their goals such as meeting regulatory compliance requirements. These include the ability to provide centralized storage of audit logs and integration with System Center, as well as noticeably better performance. Perhaps most significantly, SQL Server Audit permits fine-grained auditing whereby an audit can be targeted to specific actions by a principal against a particular object. This paper provides a comprehensive description of the new feature along with usage guidance and then provides some practical examples.

Whitepaper – Auditing in SQL Server 2008

Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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