SQLAuthority News – White Paper: Security Overview for Database Administrators

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SQL Server 2008 is secure by design, default, and deployment. Microsoft is committed to communicating information about threats, countermeasures, and security enhancements as necessary to keep your data as secure as possible. This paper covers some of the most important security features in SQL Server 2008. It tells you how, as an administrator, you can install SQL Server securely and keep it that way, even as applications and users make use of the data stored within.
Included in This Document

* Introduction
* Secure Configuration

o Windows Update
o Surface Area Configuration
* Authorization
o Granular Permissions
o Metadata Security
o SQL Server Agent Proxies
o Execution Context
o User/Schema Separation
* Encryption and Key Management
o Data Encryption
* Auditing in SQL Server 2008
o All Action Audit
o DDL Triggers
* Conclusion

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Abstract courtesy : Microsoft

Reference : Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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