SQL SERVER – Denali – ObjectID in Negative – Local TempTable has Negative ObjectID

I used to run the following script to generate random large results. However, when I ran this on Denali I noticed a very interesting behavior: SELECT o1.OBJECT_ID,o1.name, o2.OBJECT_ID, o2.name FROM sys.all_objects o1 CROSS JOIN sys.all_objects o2 I noticed lots of negative object_ID’s on Denali, whereas my experience on SQL Server…
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SQL SERVER – Find Total Number of Transactions on Interval

In one of my recent Performance Tuning assignment I was asked how do someone know how many transactions are happening on server during certain interval. I had handy script for the same. Following script displays transactions happened on server at the interval of one minute. You can change the WAITFOR DELAY to any other interval and it should work.

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