SQL SERVER – The Older Way to Find Size of Index Using Deprecated sysindexes

Earlier this month, I wrote a blog post about How to Find Size of the Index for Tables? – Interview Question of the Week #198, in this I had explained the way to find the size of the index for the table. However, while I was writing the blog post, I was thinking about how I used to love sysindexes once upon a time. However, as now I focus on the new DMVs, I decided not to provide the script of the sysindexes.

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SQL SERVER – Upgrade Error – Upgrading Subscription Settings and System Objects in Database [DBName].

There are many causes of SQL server patching failure. Looking at right log and finding the right cause is the key to solve it in time. In this blog, we would learn about an upgrade error which comes during “Upgrading subscription settings and system objects in database.”

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SQL SERVER – SQL Server Cluster Resource Doesn’t Come Online Randomly

This was another interesting situation where client reported that their SQL Server Cluster resource, sometimes, fail to come online when they perform failover of SQL Server from one node to another. In this blog, we would learn how to fix ” SQL Server resource not coming to an online state ” issue.

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