SQL SERVER – FIX: Database Diagram Error 15517 – Cannot Execute as the Database Principal Because the Principal ‘dbo’ Does Not Exist

Today’s blog post is directly inspired by the conversation I had during my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check. During the consulting engagement, one of the developers reported below error in the database while trying to open a database diagram.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Service Not Getting Started Automatically After Server Reboot While Using gMSA Account

This was the first experiment with gMSA account in my lab and I faced an interesting issue. In my lab environment, I have a complete domain server and member servers. Once I configured gMSA for SQL Server service and restarted the machine, SQL Service didn’t start automatically even though it was set for an automatic startup as shown below.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Clustered Resource in Online Pending State for Long Time Before Coming Online

While doing Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check I always ask my client if there is any pain point which they have with the current state of the database/server. Once I got an interesting question which I am going to answer in this blog post – Why is my SQL Clustered Resource in Online Pending state for a long time before coming online.

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