SQL SERVER – SQL Service Not Getting Started Automatically After Server Reboot While Using gMSA Account

This was the first experiment with gMSA account in my lab and I faced an interesting issue. In my lab environment, I have a complete domain server and member servers. Once I configured gMSA for SQL Server service and restarted the machine, SQL Service didn’t start automatically even though it was set for an automatic startup as shown below.

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SQL SERVER – SQL Server Agent Missing in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

Learning never stops when you are a consultant. While doing my recent Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check my client asked an interesting question. He informed that he is not able to see SQL Server Agent node in SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS). What could be the possible cause? I was able to provide him answers and sharing it here. First, let us understand what he meant.  If you look closer at two SSMS connection. Do you notice a difference? Yes. As the title says – SQL Server Agent is missing in the second image. So, what are the possible causes?

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SQL SERVER – SQL Server Agent Not Starting – Failed to Initialize SQL Agent Log (Reason: Access is Denied).

My lab machine is my playground. Other than my real-world client’s problem, many blogs have come from my lab machine because I keep on breaking something or another on my server. Once I found that I was unable to start SQL Server Agent service for one of the SQL Server instances. In this blog, we would learn how to fix error Failed to initialize SQL Agent log (reason: Access is denied)

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