SQL SERVER – Which Settings Change in sp_configure Needs Restart to Take Effect?

Learning one new thing every day keeps me passionate about my job. Recently, I had a very interesting experience with one of my customer while working with them on Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check and found some non-default values in sp_configure.  They asked me – Which settings change in sp_configure needs restart to take effect? Do we need to remember the values?

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Puzzle – Datatime to DateTime2 Conversation in SQL Server 2017

Earlier last week, I was presenting various questions about SQL Server 2017 at PASS in Seattle. However, during one of the session, I was fortunate to meet SQL Server Expert Christopher Savage. He shared a very interesting puzzle with me. I have been trying to solve the puzzle for a while, but I have no answer for it. Let us see the puzzle about DateTime2 Conversion in SQL Server 2017. 

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SQL SERVER – Identifying Deprecated SQL Server Features with Extended Events

In this blog post with the help of Extended Events, we will learn how to identify all the deprecated SQL Server Features. This feature can be very much handy when we are changing the compatibility of SQL Server and we want to check what are all the deprecated SQL Server features we are still using in our active code.

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SQL SERVER – 2017 – Script to Clear Procedure Cache at Database Level

When my customer ask they want to clear the cache of the database, I always so NO. It is not necessary. However, I have come to the realization that customers are always right and sometimes even though I say no, they still want to do it. One way or another way, they will eventually do what they want. Let us learn about Script to Clear Procedure Cache at Database Level.

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SQL SERVER – Identity Jumping 1000 – IDENTITY_CACHE

SQL Server 2017 has a wonderful feature which fixes a very old issue which DBA and developers have been struggling for a while. It would be impossible to find DBA or Developer who has not faced an issue when their identity column value has jumped or incremented by 1000. It is a very common issue and today we will see the solution of this issue with the help of IDENTITY_CACHE introduced in the latest version of SQL Server. 

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SQL SERVER – Introduction to Log Space Usage DMV – sys.dm_db_log_space_usage

It has been quite a while since SQL Server 2017 has been introduced, however just recently I have been seeing interest for this project. Lots of users are just switching to SQL Server 2017 and I believe that is normal. In the year 2017 during my Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check, I encountered mostly SQL Server 2014 and SQL Server 2016. Recently, during the consultancy, I received a very interesting question about log space.

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