SQL SERVER – SQL Audit Date Time Does Not Match Machine Date Time – Solution

Even though my consulting is mostly around performance tuning, I can see many customers who want to start using the new capabilities of SQL Server for their existing application as they plan to do an upgrade of their infrastructure. In one of engagement with a bank, they wanted to explore more about SQL Auditing capability. Since they were new I got engaged with them in implementing compliance, which they must follow. In the recent past, I have written below blogs on SQL Audit.

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SQL SERVER – Powershell Script – Remove Old SQL Database Backup Files from Azure Storage

Few days back I wrote blog to help my blog reader and this is follow up on the same post How to Add Date to Database Backup Filename? – Interview Question of the Week #109. In this blog post we will see a powershell script for Removing Old SQL Database Backup Files from Azure Storage.

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SQL SERVER Puzzle – Conversion with Date Data Types

Over the years, every time I have worked with Date and time data types, I have learnt something new. There are always tons of tight corners where a number of exceptions happen. Though these are known, for someone who is new, this would take them by surprise and your design decisions can have a larger impact on the output that you are likely to get. These can cause a considerable business impact and compliance if we get stuff wrong. Let us see a puzzle about Date Data Types.

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SQL SERVER – System Function @@IDLE to Find System Ideal Time

Just the other day I got an email with user asking how do the @@idle function work with SQL Server as when he runs them it gives him some number but the number is not easy to interpret. I totally agree with the observation. When I was new to SQL Server, the best learning resource available was SQL Server Books On Line. I used to read Books On Line and learn quite a bit from it.

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