SQL Server – Formatted Date and Alias Name in ORDER BY Clause

CONVERT function can be used to change the format of DATE to various formats like MM/dd/yyy, dd/MM/yyy, yyy/MM/dd, etc. But have you ever noticed that this will produce resultset with a different order if the alias name is used in ORDER BY Clause? Well, I just learned about the formatted date from my recent consulting engagement Comprehensive Database Performance Health Check.

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SQL SERVER – Msg 3225: Use of WITH CREDENTIAL Syntax is Not Valid for Credentials Containing a Shared Access Signature

One of my blog readers was having trouble with backup to URL using SAS token. He followed my below blog to fix his issue. SQL SERVER – Backup to URL error: Operating system error 50(The request is not supported.) Now let us look in this blog post how we can fix errors related to credentials.

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SQL SERVER – Simple Explanation of AT TIME ZONE Feature

Recently I received a simple question about AT TIME ZONE feature. This is the new feature which is introduced in SQL Server 2016 and later version of the SQL Server. As this is a relatively new feature the adoption of this feature is also a bit slow. However, let us understand how this function really works in a few simple words. 

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