SQL SERVER – Find Collation of Database and Table Column Using T-SQL

Today we will go over very quick tip about finding out collation of database and table column. Collations specify the rules for how strings of character data are sorted and compared, based on the norms of particular languages and locales Today’s script are self explanatory so I will not explain…
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SQL SERVER – 2005 Collation Explanation and Translation – Part 2

Following function return all the available collation of SQL Server 2005. My previous article about the SQL SERVER – 2005 Collation Explanation and Translation. SELECT * FROM sys.fn_HelpCollations() Result Set: (only few of 1011 records) Name Description Latin1_General_BIN Latin1-General, binary sort Latin1_General_BIN2 Latin1-General, binary code point comparison sort Latin1_General_CI_AI Latin1-General,…
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