SQL Server – Good Articles on Database Collation

I often get asked what is Database Collation in SQL Server and if there are some good articles related to Collation. Here are some really interesting articles on this subject.

SQL SERVER – Creating Database with Different Collation on Server
Can we create a database with different collations on the same SQL Server Instance? We thought, the collation of the server is fixed during the installation and all the database on the system have to follow the same default collation.

SQL SERVER – Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation
If columns ItemsTable.Collation1Col and AccountsTable.Collation2Col have different collation, it will generate the error “Cannot resolve collation conflict for equal to operation“.

SQL SERVER – Collate – Case Sensitive SQL Query Search

In this blog post we are going to learn about how to do Case Sensitive SQL Query Search.

If Column1 of Table1 has following values ‘CaseSearch, case search, CASESEARCH, CaSeSeArCh’, following statement will return you all the four records. If you think I have missed any good article on this subject. Please leave a comment and I will make sure to edit this blog post and add it. To make the query case sensitive and retrieve only one record (“casesearch”) from the above query, the collation of the query needs to be changed as mentioned in the blog.

Reference: Pinal Dave (https://blog.sqlauthority.com)

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