SQL SERVER – 2008 – Introduction to Policy Management – Enforcing Rules on SQL Server

I have previous written article about SQL SERVER Database Coding Standards and Guidelines Complete List Download. I just received question from one of the blog reader is there any way we can just prevent violation of company policy. Well Policy Management can come into handy in this scenario.

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SQL SERVER – Four Basic SQL Statements – SQL Operations

There are four basic SQL Operations or SQL Statements. SELECT – This statement selects data from database tables. UPDATE – This statement updates existing data into database tables. INSERT – This statement inserts new data into database tables. DELETE – This statement deletes existing data from database tables. If you…
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SQL SERVER – Add Column With Default Column Constraint to Table

Just a day ago while working with database Jr. Developer asked me question how to add column along with column constraint. He also wanted to specify the name of the constraint. The newly added column should not allow NULL value. He requested my help as he thought he might have to write many lines to achieve what was requested.

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SQLAuthority News – Best Articles on SQLAuthority.com

SQL SERVER – Cursor to Kill All Process in Database SQL SERVER – Find Stored Procedure Related to Table in Database – Search in All Stored procedure SQL SERVER – Shrinking Truncate Log File – Log Full SQL SERVER – Simple Example of Cursor SQL SERVER – UDF – Function…
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SQLAuthority News – Best Downloads on SQLAuthority.com

Best Downloads on SQLAuthority.com SQL SERVER – Query Analyzer Shortcuts SQL Server Interview Questions and Answers Complete List Download SQL SERVER – Download SQL Server Management Studio Keyboard Shortcuts (SSMS Shortcuts) SQL SERVER Database Coding Standards and Guidelines Complete List Download SQL SERVER – Data Warehousing Interview Questions and Answers…
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SQL SERVER – Pre-Code Review Tips – Tips For Enforcing Coding Standards

Each organization has its own coding standards and enforcement rules. It is sometime difficult for DBAs to change the code following code review, as it may affect many different layers of the application. In large organizations, many stored procedures are written and modified every day. It is smart to keep…
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