SQL SERVER – Mirrored Backup and Restore and Split File Backup – Introduction

Introduction – Mirrored Backup

This article is based on a real life experience of the author while working with database backup and restore during his consultancy work for various organizations. We will go over the following important concepts of database backup and restore.

Conventional Backup and Restore
Spilt File Backup and Restore
Mirror File Backup
Understanding FORMAT Clause
Miscellaneous details about Backup and Restore

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SQL SERVER – Restore Sequence and Understanding NORECOVERY and RECOVERY

I maintain a spreadsheet of questions sent by users and from that I single out a topic to write and share my knowledge and opinion. Unless and until I find an issue appealing, I do not prefer to write about it, till the issue crosses the threshold. Today the question that crossed the threshold is – what is the difference between NORECOVERY and RECOVERY when restoring database and what is the restore sequence.

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