SQL SERVER – Unable to Failover SQL Server Instance – Error: Registry Information is Corrupt or Missing

All RDBMS products are good, but I love SQL Server most because its fun to troubleshoot the issue. Meaningful error messages can make life easier and helps us in fixing the issue faster. Another reason I love SQL Server is that is my source of earning and I can run my family life due to SQL Server. In this blog, I am going to share my experience to fix an issue where my client was unable to failover SQL Server to another node.

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SQL SERVER – Service Pack Failure: MissingRegistryKeyException. The Registry Key is Missing

One of my blog readers contacted me and informed that he is getting the same error as mentioned in below blog SQL SERVER – Service Pack Failure: MissingRegistryKeyException. Note that it had the same error message, but that did not help him here. In this blog, we would learn how to fix MissingRegistryKeyException while installing SQL Server service pack. Let us fix the error registry key is missing. 

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