SQL Authority News – I am Participating in Winter Discounts and Christmas Photo Fest


I often get asked which is my favorite tool from DevArt. They have many great tools, but I am really fan of the development productive tool – dbForget Studio for SQL Server. Devart’s dbForge Studio for SQL Server is a fantastic tool for SQL Server development, as soon as I installed it I found so many things to learn. First off, it will increase SQL coding almost instantly. There is very little to learn, you are not just memorizing codes to “cheat” off of. Let us learn about winter discounts.

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SQL SERVER – Story of Temporary Objects

SQL Server’s version of Transact SQL provides the ability to create and leverage temporary objects for use within the scope of your query session or batch. There are many reasons why you may decide to use temporary objects and we will explore them later in this article. In addition to meeting various data-tier requirements, temporary objects can also be beneficial from a performance and scalability perspective.

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SQL SERVER – A Practical Use of Backup Encryption

Backup is extremely important for any DBA. Think of any disaster and backup will come to rescue users in adverse situation. Similarly, it is very critical that we keep our backup safe as well. If your backup fall in the hands of bad people, it is quite possible that it will be misused and become serious data integrity issue. Well, in this blog post we will see a practical scenario where we will see how we can use Backup Encryption to improve security of the backup.

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SQL SERVER – Three Top Efficiency Features of Management Tool for SQL Server

Every weekend I spend time learning something new and interesting. My primary focus is always on either performance of SQL Server or performance of myself. This weekend, I downloaded dbForge Studio for SQL Server. It is a powerful IDE for SQL Server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis. I have been using SQL Server Management Studio for most of the my tasks and I like sharing tips and tricks with the same. However, there are moments when I wish that SSMS provides me more than what it has been offered to me. There are moments when I feel that I can write up few macros or automated processes to solve a few of my daily routines with SSMS. In simple word, I wish I could customize SSMS a bit more to my own choice. Let us learn about Three Top Efficiency Features of Management Tool for SQL Server.

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