SQL SERVER – Delayed Durability, or The Story of How to Speed Up Autotests From 11 to 2.5 Minutes

This is one of the most interesting stories written by my friend Syrovatchenko Sergey. He is an expert on SQL Server and works at Devart. Just like me he also shares his passion for Wait Stats and new features of the SQL Server. In this blog post he talks about one of the most interesting feature about Delayed Durability. I strongly encourage that you find sometime during your day to read this blog post and discover more about this topic.

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SQL SERVER – View Dependencies on SQL Server: Hard & Soft Way

As an independent database consultant, I often face a challenge when analyzing the performance of SQL Server instances, which I see for the first time in my life. In many cases, this may seem a difficult task, because in order to fix something you must first understand the database structure. A great many of the companies do not document their database. And even if documentation exists, it is rarely updated. As a result, we have the following situation – documentation is either obsolete, or does not reflect the actual state of things. Let understand SQL SERVER – View Dependencies.

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SQL SERVER – dbForge Object Search for SQL Server

SSMS is a nice tool for database developers. However, it is far from being ideal, and this is because some routine operations in SSMS are extremely inconvenient to perform. Let us learn about dbForge Object Search for SQL Server.

Very often, developers face the challenge of searching a database for all occurrences of an object, column, variable, or search simultaneously all the objects, in which a search value occurs. If you happen to solve a similar problem, then you must know that this problem is not the most trivial and Ctrl + F will not help here.

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SQL SERVER – Dedicated Database Development with SQL Source Control


We all make mistake and we all wish that we have not made those mistakes. In the field of the development, there are proper solutions, but in the world of SQL, there are not many solutions. I recently asked the same question to my friend Andrey from Devart and he has provided me a wonderful blog post about how one can do dedicated database development with SQL Source Control.

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