SQL SERVER – Finding If Status of Bulk Logging Enabled or Not From Logs

Backup related questions are always challenging and sometimes our basics is shaken when someone randomly asks us something we were not aware of. Sometimes it takes a little bit of digging around in documentation and we are in for a surprise because this has been there for quite some time. In a recent conversation with a DBA friend of mine in a consulting exercise, he came back to me with an interesting question. Let us see in this blog post about how to find the status of Bulk Logging Enabled or not from SQL logs.

Pinal, how do I know if a Bulk Logging operation was performed on my SQL Server. I know there are a number of SSIS jobs that run during the day and night and I have a number of log backups that are taken continuously. Some of these jobs actually change the recovery model to Bulk-Logged and end of the process, they turn it back to Full once the script was to end. I know I can do a number of audit settings to make sure this is captured. But is there any other way to identify which of these logs when taken have the Bulk logged operation?

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