SQLAuthority News – Interesting Read – Programming Concepts, Structured Thinking Language (STL) and Relationary

I have always enjoyed reading articles and blogs which are different then others. There many be thousands of technology and programming blogs, only few makes difference in the tech world. One of the high quality blog, I enjoy reading is relationary by Grant Czerepak. Grant Czerepak is an IT professional…
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SQL SERVER – Restore Database Without or With Backup – Everything About Restore and Backup

The questions I received in last two weeks: “I do not have backup, is it possible to restore database to previous state?” “How can restore the database without using backup file?” “I accidentally deleted tables in my database, how can I revert back?” “How to revert the changes, I have…
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SQLAuthority News – SQL Blog SQLAuthority.com Comment by Mr. Ben Forta

Today is one of the most glorious day for SQLAuthority.com in history. Famous author of Sams Teach Yourself Microsoft SQL Server T-SQL In 10 Minutes, ColdFusion Guru, and well known evangelists Mr. Ben Forta has made comment on his blog about SQLAuthority.com. I encourage all my readers to visit comment…
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