SQL Puzzle – Correct the Incorrect Query – Win Price Worth USD 1000 – Aggregate and Subquery

It has been a while since we have seen a puzzle so let us do a small puzzle today. Actually, this is a very simple puzzle if you have worked with SQL Server for a while. I got an email from one of the readers from the blog post and he wanted me to correct the following query which he had written. Well, I have been working with SQL Server for over 19 years and I often do not remember the syntax and have to look up online. Here is a very simple puzzle for you which involves Aggregate and Subquery.

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Puzzle – Datatime to DateTime2 Conversation in SQL Server 2017

Earlier last week, I was presenting various questions about SQL Server 2017 at PASS in Seattle. However, during one of the session, I was fortunate to meet SQL Server Expert Christopher Savage. He shared a very interesting puzzle with me. I have been trying to solve the puzzle for a while, but I have no answer for it. Let us see the puzzle about DateTime2 Conversion in SQL Server 2017. 

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SQL SERVER – SSMS 17.7 Observation – Two Miscellaneous Category in Database Property Options

First of all this observation is only applicable if you are using SSMS 17.7 build. It was very interesting to me that I was able to find two Miscellaneous categories in Database Property Option for SQL Server. Please note the version of SQL Server which I have connected to SSMS 17.7 is also SQL Server 2017. If you try following on any other SSMS version you may not get the same results.

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